BrainDrawingWelcome one and all!

I have started this because, to be completely honest, sometimes I need to just vent or I will go nuts.

But I also started this for a couple more reasons. First, it will be a diary of sorts. It will let me put into writing how I feel, what I am going through, doctors, tests, everything. If you have MS you know where I am coming from with needing to do that at times. If you do not have MS you are still welcome to stick around and hopefully learn something about what people with MS go through on a daily basis.

The other reason is I have found that a lot of people with MS and their caretakers do not have the time to try to keep up with everything going on in the world of MS. So to that end I want to put information on the page that will be of interest to everyone.


P.S. I know that the site is a litlle (or a lot) on the ugly side right now but I will be working on it when ever I can. So hopefully it will start looking better.