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Welcome to Jim&MS!

Here we are striving to build a community of all people interested in Multiple Sclerosis. No matter if they are MSers, caregivers, people waiting on a diagnosis, or have friends or family members that have been diagnosed. All interested parties are welcome.

We strive to support one another and provide information that is useful to anyone. If you are experiencing a symptom or have questions about MS we will give you our experience and hopefully help you. But remember we are not doctors here so we do not provide medical advice. If you have any concerns please check with with your primary care physician or neurologist.


This is a pic of me, Jim. Also known as the founder of Jim&MS, and AdminJim. This was taken at Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City, Florida. And this beautiful lady giving me a kiss is Wendiana Jones, who I just called Wendy. Gina, my better half, and I went and after this pic she started calling Wendy my girlfriend and I did not argue a bit.

We have an activity wall where, once you have registered, you can post. Having a good day? Tell us about it and we will all celebrate with you.

Having a bad day? Tell us about it and we will all support you and give you a shoulder to cry on if you need it.


Our blog is where our founder, AdminJim, tries to stay active and post information that may be of interest to the Multiple Sclerosis community at large. Whether it is about new treatments or advances in the field. He also posts about his daily accomplishments, challenges and life in general. But it is a good day when he can post about both. Be sure to read the blog to keep up with everything!