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Welcome to Jim&Multiple Sclerosis!

We strive to bring you all the information relating to Multiple Sclerosis as we can. But more than being a source for information, we also want to be your community where you come for support, advice, and when you need it a shoulder to cry on from someone who understands what you are going through.

I am AdminJim.

It is wonderful to meet you!

I am the founder, webmaster, and head cook and bottle washer as the old saying goes, of Jim&MS.

Short bio is I am 53 years old, happily married to my lovely wife Gina for over 20 years. I was diagnosed with MS in the Summer of 2005. That is when I began on the journey of dealing with this damnable disease. I have striven to learn everything I can about Multiple Sclerosis. I constantly read everything I can and try to keep up with all the news. I want to pass this information on to everyone else in a way that they can understand.

Communication is key!

Staying connected is important for everyone, especially when someone has a disability like Multiple Sclerosis. That is why we have many ways for everyone to communicate. We have a blog, that is written by me that contains everything from the latest advances that I have learned about, to how my day has went to how I am feeling and everything in between. We also have forums where you can go to your specific medication and ask questions, or answer questions if you can. We also have an activity wall, think facebook style where you can just vent away or just connect with some other people who understand what you are going through when it seems like the rest of the world doesn't care.

Here are the forums!

This is where you can find that forums that I spoke of. Right now the only forums that I have up are where you can go post in Introductions where you can tell everyone a little about yourself and look at what others have posted about themselves. This way we are not all complete strangers!

But in the medication forums you can ask questions about certain medications. Are you on Copaxone, for example, and are experiencing something that seems amiss? Ask here before you spend your money on going to the doctor. But is should be noted, that if you have a prolonged problem or one that may seem life threatening then go to your doctor immediately. We are not doctors but will give you the benefit of our experience.

We are done with the tour!

That is it for the tour for now. Keep your eyes open for new things coming to the site. I am always on the look out for things that I think can enhance the site, including usability, ease of use and sometimes even plain old fun. So keep an eye out for improvements and if you have a suggestion for something please do not hesitate to click on Contact Us and let us know your thoughts!