Another update!

Yes, it is time for another update from your friendly webmaster, AdminJim…

Walking better, Yippee!

Things are slowly but surely getting better, well as far as walking goes anyway. I am not using my cane as much. Personal note, I hate that thing… Anyway, I am walking better even if it is more slowly. I really try to be careful with my steps now.  My legs still feel weak and like rubber most of the time. But we have ordered me a walker. We checked into the insurance route but decided against it. We found them cheaper on Amazon than we could get it with insurance. So just a note to everyone, make sure if you are purchasing something like this, check around for prices. I know that we could all do with saving a little money. Not just now, but always.

Other than that things are going pretty good with the website (and THANK YOU FOR VISITING US!) The only thing I want to do is change the way the forums look. I am locked into that style right now but I am trying to restyle it to something I like better and something that I think will be more user-friendly.

But, everything else seems to be working correctly. YAY! But there are some minor things I want to fix.

ADA Wheelchair ImageThere is also something that I want to make sure everyone is aware of. If you look at the bottom right of the page you will see a dark blue circle with a wheelchair. It looks like the image at the beginning of this paragraph. If you have special needs, such as vision problems, you can click this and make changes to our site. There are options like Screen Reader, Contrast, and Text Size. If you have problems that are not addressed by this, please let me know. I will see what I can do to accommodate you to help you use our site better.

Currently, I am also working on our ADA compliance. My goal is 100% compliance. I may be shooting in the dark at a moving target but I want to get certified if at all possible.

So that is it for now. I will update again after I get the walker and take it for a test drive.

So everyone be safe, wear a mask, and I wish everyone a wonderful day!

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