Bad day so far…

Bad day so far…

Having a bad day decorative image
Having a bad day

Like the title says, so far it has not been a good day. The past few days the pain level has been up and yesterday evening I started having problems with my legs.

I always have pain in my legs, so that is nothing new. But the pain level has ramped up somewhat. But I can deal with that for the most part. None of the pain meds they have ever given me does anything. The only thing they have suggested is alternating acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofin (Advil, Motrin). That does squat. Oh well. I am seriously considering making an appointment with pain management to try something a little stronger to see if that would help.

But, to the last couple of days. The pain level seems to have leveled off at about a 7.5 or 8. So I can deal with that. The past couple days, though, have introduced dizziness and the associated balance problems. Sitting here now, I have a little spinning sensation. The only thing I have taken today, other than my normal meds, is Dramamine. Just a little tip here. They can prescribe you medication for vertigo. I have been on it before. But I learned that the prescription medication and Dramamine are (literally) one molecule different from each other. So, if you are on a prescription medication for vertigo give Dramamine a try. If you add it to what you are already taking you may see some improvement

I take Dramamine exclusively. I do not even have a prescription for a vertigo medication any longer. But of course, discuss it with you doctor before you make any changes to you medications.

Back to what has been going on with me. I did make it to the eye doc yesterday. And like I have said in my previous post, my prescription actually improved a little. So I ordered some new glasses. Damn! I tried to go cheap but I still wound up paying over $350! Glasses are such a racket. I really need to start a company to produce frames. Even the cheap ones that I got were $75. I know that anything related to medical anything is expensive. But wow! And the insurance I have is a medicare supplement plan. They pay part of the cost but the out of pocket still hits you hard.

So my plans for today are take care of a couple things. Practice on my guitar a little. The try to write something for the site. There has not been a whole lot of news coming out lately. I may have to dig a little deeper and find an article that I missed or something that I think may interest most people. I am going to try to write at least one new post later today.

That is all for now!

Until next time, everyone be safe, and have a wonderful pain-free day!


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