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    A new drug, called Myeliviz, may help doctors determine the exact amount of damage to a brain caused by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or other brain diseases.
    Myeliviz attaches to the myelin around cells and using a PET scan can show where the most damage is. This will allow doctors to see exactly which parts of the brain have been affected by MS and other diseases of the brain. While we are concentrating on the brain, since that is where MS causes the problems, this can also help with the entire body. All nerves have myelin. This drug is not specific to the brain and/or spinal column but will bind to myelin throughout the body.
    But, for those interested in MS and how it affects the brain this is a major breakthrough. Not only will it allow doctors to see the damage that is already present but it can also be used as a tool to determine what type of Multiple Sclerosis a person has. Additionally, it can be used to determine what stage the disease is at for someone.
    Just being able to determine the disease progression could be a huge help to many with MS and their doctors and caregivers.
    Keep an eye out here if I find out any more information about when the trials are beginning and what locations will be doing them, I will share that information with everyone.

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