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    Hello everyone!

    I am Jim, or as I am known around these parts, AdminJim since I am the founder of Jim&MS.

    First, a little about me. I am an old married – June 12, 2019, will be 20 years if you can believe that – man that received his diagnosis or dx as I have seen it referred to, in July of 2005. At that time I was working as a corrections officer in Virginia. I worked as long as I could but having a job where at times you were required to be on your feet for up to 16 hours just did not work for me. I worked as long as I could but had to quit working in May of 2011. Most of my problems are my legs.

    More specifically, leg pain and weakness. This is a complaint I have heard from many with MS but others say that they have no problems with their legs but have other problems that I don’t have. That is one problem with this damnable disease. No two people seem to have the same course. Even people that I have talked to that have the leg pain don’t seem to have the weakness that I have or have lost the use of their legs. Thankfully, at this point, I have not lost the use of my legs but I do use a cane from time to time and more often now than I did a couple of years ago.

    Anyway, the problems I face also include confusion, other cognitive problems, and headaches. As with everything else, I have spoken with people with all of these problems and some people that have none.

    I now live in Jacksonville, Florida with my wife, Gina, where she now works for the federal government and I am on disability. We don’t have a lot of money but we (sort of) get by.

    I wanted to start this site as a way of letting all people, regardless if they are patient, caregiver or just interested party, come together and share information. I truly believe that we all benefit when we share our experiences, our information, our feelings and ourselves.

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Welcome to Jim&MS!

As you can see we are extremely new so there is one feature we would like to point out and a couple things we would like to ask of you.

First, if you look in the top right of the page you will see a little man in a circle that opens up a menu with accessibility options for our friends that may have challenges. It will allow you to change things like text size, page contrast and more. So if you have challenges please check to see if the options there help you with viewing our page. If not please do not hesitate to contact me and let me know what challenges you are still having. You can contact me here.

The other thing I would like to ask is a favor. If you can, please click on an ad once in a while. I have about $50 a month in expenses related to this site and don’t make even enough in three months to cover one month off of the ad revenue. I am on a fixed income, I am on disability here in the United States. I am sure most of you will know what that means.

Finally, we do not allow spam of any kind. Period. You and your IP will be banned if you post spam anywhere on our site. So if you see spam, please use our contact form and report it to me.

And finally.  WELCOME to Jim & MS!