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    It has been about 3 weeks or so since I have let everyone know how I am doing on the Tecfidera (Dimethyl Fumarate).
    I changed Medicare plans at the beginning of the year. I was not aware that my Tec was not on the formulary for my new plan, WellCare of Florida. Tecfidera was released on April 25, 2013. Why it would not be on the formulary by now is a question I cannot get an answer to even though I have asked.
    So, after my first month of Tecfidera that I was on, I no longer had any way to get it. So the bottom line is, I was off of it for about 6 weeks. That was something that I really had not planned on, obviously.
    So my doctor jumped through all of the hoops for me and got the insurance company to approve me for Tecfidera. And now, I am back on my Tecfidera starting over all over again. However, this time I did not have to do the 120mg before the 240mg. I went straight to the 240 which didn’t bother me at all.
    Anyway, when I was on my first course of Tecfidera I had extremely bad headaches. I have had headaches since I have been on it this time, but they are not nearly as bad and do not last nearly as long. I usually get them after taking my first dose in the morning. But where before I would have them be very high in intensity and last all day, I am not having the same experience now.
    The headaches now are more like headaches I would get normally. Which is to say they are not bad enough to stop me from doing things. My whole life I have had migraines. Thankfully, I only get about two or three a year. The headaches I got when I first started on the Tecfidera would rival my worst migraines. Only there was no audio or light sensitivity and none of the jaggies that are associated with migraines. The worst time for my headaches was when my dog, a coon hound beagle mix, would bark. He has a bark that is high pitched and his barks would cut right through me.
    The headaches I get now would be about half of my headaches I got on my first course of Tecfidera. Also before, my headaches would not respond to and medication at all. But the headaches I get now will respond to Excedrin. One word about Excedrin. There is absolutely no difference between Excedrin Extra Strenght and Excedrin Migraine.
         Excedrin Migraine   Excedrin Extra Strength
    You can click on the images above to see them full size.
    Excedrin Migraine is usually more expensive by at least $1 per bottle in my experience.
    So that is how things have been going so far. I will make sure to keep everyone updated on my journey with Tecfidera as well as my Multiple Sclerosis.

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