Happy New Year!

MRI Scan Clipart

The past couple of weeks has had some changes in store for me.

MRI Scan ClipartI had to go shoot the tube Wednesday. The only complaint that I have about that is they didn’t have headphones for me to use. They just gave me earplugs to try to cut the noise a little. This machine was a little different than ones I have used in the past. This one was more open. Instead of going in an actual tube, I was slid in between what looked to be a two piece, top and bottom. I am not sure if this is what is considered an open MRI or not since I have never been in one of those.

And I found out from my insurance company that they are going to be taking me off Tecfidera and moving me to the generic. My neuro and I had already discussed this and if they did make a move like that then she wanted me on the Vumerity.

So I sent her a message and told her what was going on. She said that she would get to work right away on getting my Vumerity approved by the insurance company. My neuro, as well as my primary care physician, is associated with the University of Florida. They have a doctor who works with patients to help them get help paying for co-pays for medications. The co-pay for Vumerity is $2,396.94 (!!!). There is no way I could afford that… They found me co-pay assistance for the Tecfidera, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that they can find me help with this one also.

I am going to hop up on the soapbox for a minute. Drug prices are out of control, as is everything health care related. We really need to step up and do something about this. Drug companies get richer and richer and the patient either finds help to pay for the drugs or they go without what is many times life saving medication. This is just wrong in what is allegedly the richest and best country in the world. Make no mistake, I love my country. But I have always felt that is you truly love your country you acknowledge the bad along with the good. If you just stand there and say that everything is perfect and nothing needs to change, then you are just perpetuating the bad things to not only continue but get worse. Something needs to be done about drug prices. There are very few people that can afford a co-pay over $2000 every month. Stepping down off of the soapbox now.

And at the beginning of the week my right knee started giving me a lot of problems. This is definitely NOT MS related. I have had enough knee injuries to know that difference, unfortunately. Most of the time, but not always, when I walk I feel a pop in the front of my knee right under my knee cap. This sounds like something going on with my meniscus. I really hope that it is not, that it is something simple. In other words not something that they will want to cut on me for. But, the good side, is if they decide that I do need surgery, it should be arthroscopic with any luck. The pain, strangely enough, is not as bad as my legs normally are. So I have all this pain in my legs going on, but the knee when I am walking actually feels a little better even with all of the pain I am having right there. That is a weird sensation.

That is all for now, I just wanted to catch everyone up since I have been so busy with doc appointments and trying to get my medications straight that I have been busier than a one legged man at an ass kicking contest.

But I want to wish everyone a safe, prosperous, happy new year!



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