I did the MRI…

My MRI experience

Well. I got my MRI done for, hopefully, at least another year.

I was surprised to find it was an open MRI machine. Usually those are reserved for the people that need them. One thing I have to say, is the machine made more types of noises than I was used too. At one point it sounded like it was ready to take off. And it took about as long as I expected. I was in the machine for about 45 minutes or so. 20 for the first scan, without contrast, 5 minutes to get everything done like putting the IV in, and about another 20 for the scan with contrast.

I felt fine in the machine. The closed machine has never bothered me, in fact, it is the only machine I have ever had an MRI done in. So it felt kind of weird getting slid into the machine and not having my shoulders hit on the way in.

Yes, this is actually my brain

The pic on the left is actually a real pic from my MRI. I wish I could read the MRI myself. The MRI overall does not look like I am used too. I think that this slide looks ok. But the white on the bottom and bottom left do concern me somewhat.

If it is another lesion, then I will deal with it. It is not a big deal. As we all know, MS is a progressive disease. That means that no matter what we do, we will see some progression. If that is the only lesion that showed up, I am a happy camper.

My doctor and I have already talked about me coming off of the Tecfidera. She is moving me to Vumerity. With the insurance company giving me problems, the pharmacy giving me problems, and the copay assistance running out, she thought it would be a better choice for me. Since Vumerity is basically Tecfidera that has been reformulated I don’t have a problem with it.

So, as soon as I get the Radiologist’s report I will share that here also. Since I only did this last week and we are coming off the holiday season, I thought it would take a little longer to get the report anyway.

Appointment with Primary Thursday

Yep, I have an appointment with my Primary Care Physician (PCP) Thursday.

I have had knee problems for years. However, lately when I walk more often than not, I get a loud POP! in my right knee and it has been hurting a lot. Thanks to MS, I always have leg pain. But this pain at times actually hurts worse than my MS, which is really saying something. And the pain has a different quality to it. It is hard to explain, but it seems to be sharper when my knee pops, if that makes sense.

But that is something that I can not blame on the MS. I have to take full credit for this one. Blame it on my “wilder days” when I was young. Both of my knees have been injured at least twice each. I think my right has actually taken more damage than my left and it is starting to show. The last time I injured my right knee I was in high school and the doc wanted to operate on me and I told him no way.

Surgery ahead for me?

I am just hoping that whatever it is can be taken care of with physical therapy. I really hate the idea of surgery, but I have a sneaking suspicion that may be in the cards for me. I have only had one operation, and that was an appendectomy. That didn’t bother me because I was 17 and I bounced back easier back then. I have learned, the hard way I must add, that the older you get the harder it is to heal. I am beyond 50 now so it seems that everything takes longer. Hell, if I get a hang nail I am in pain for a week. In the old days, I would have been back to normal in a couple days.

That is it for now!

I hope that everyone has a safe, happy, and pain free new year!


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