I have a love/hate relationship with storms…

It is accurate to say I love and hate storms.

Every since I was a wee little lad growing up in Daytona Beach I have loved watching thunderstorms. The light show, the rumbling of the thunder. I guess it was the power of it all that I loved so much.

Now, I still love watching storms. The closer the better. Well, except for our four-legged son Dougie. He hates the noise and it scares him. But I have another reason to hate the storms and that is thanks to my Multiple Sclerosis. The pain for me goes through the roof on evenings like this.

I have heard others say the same thing.

Interacting with people everywhere about MS I have came across quite a few others that have the same problem. It seems to me that any change in barometric pressure triggers the pain response in me.  Tonight is no exception. The pressure is dropping, according to the Weather Channel. It would not be so bad if the pain would ease when the pressure went back up. Nope. Not gonna happen. Unfortunate as it is.

There have not been any studies into how weather affects MSers. It can be very difficult to do successfully. Especially when talking about transient occurrences like thunderstorms. Studying effects of heat or cold are much easier since they last longer.

Possible MS vaccine

Yup, the biggest news lately has been the possibility of an MS vaccine. Regardless of what you think about the COVID vaccines, they are related. The COVID vaccines do not use the actual virus to trigger an immune response. They use mRNA to “train” your body to fight the virus. That is the approach that is being used in the MS vaccine. The mRNA is used to train your body to stop the immune system from attacking the central nervous system. So far, the trials have been very promising. I am just hoping that it does not take 10 years to get to market like so many medications take today. If we have luck on our side, then human trials can start within the next year or so. After that it shouldn’t take too long to gather all of the data and either get a thumbs up or thumbs down.

By what I have seen, the mice that were used in the study had a 100% recovery rate. That is phenomenal. This is one reason I took so long to write about this. I wanted to make sure I had as many facts as I could get and I wanted to see what negative information was out there.

There wasn’t really any negative information to be found. Not completely surprising since mice can’t complain and tell you about any side effects that they have. They have to just go by what can be observed.

But, since there is no virus that is responsible for MS, that is one thing that had to be removed from the equation. It is MUCH harder to target something for a vaccine when you don’t really have a target that you can point at as the cause. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I just hope that my old body can learn new things. Believe me, as soon as it starts going to human trials, I will be the first to sign up. I am willing to put everything on the line for a better life not just for me, but for everyone that has MS.

That is all for now!

That is about it for now. I promise that I am going to try to find something to write about tomorrow. So until then, everyone have a wonderful, pain free day!



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