New Glasses on tap and more!

My Prescription Improved???

Yes, according to my eye doc, my vision has actually improved a little. Not enough to mean I don’t have to wear glasses, but a little…

That surprised me. He said that my vision improved in my left eye somewhat. That was the eye that I had Optic Neuritis in way back in 1995. They have some new equipment that I like. He was able to show me pictures of my retinas on his Ipad before I left. In my right eye, where the optic nerve connects to the eye, it looked normal, just like the rest of the retina except it was a little darker circular spot. In my left eye, the spot where the optic nerve connects was markedly lighter.

He said that it was lighter because of the Optic Neuritis and the damage to the myelin of the nerve. But, he said it seemed to be getting better. I thought great, mark one up for me. Then he actually told me that while my right eye is within a normal range for my age, the vision in my left eye is about three times worse. I am right eyed, so my right is dominant, and that is a good thing. For example, if I am at my computer as I am most of the time, I will take my glasses off. It is just a pain for me to have to tilt my head back to look out the bottom section of my glasses. And I can read the screen just fine.

However, if I close my right eye, I can see lettering on the screen and can see the individual letters as blurry dots. There is no hope of reading anything that way. But with both eyes open I can see the screen just fine. I guess it is in a sweet spot, so to speak. So, I have to go get a new pair of glasses. Gina needs a new pair also. So we will go either today or tomorrow to get new glasses for each of us. And I hate getting new glasses. They always look good in the office but not the same once you get them out, just like when you buy clothes in the store.

Now on to my furry children…  I mentioned in my last post that both of our furry kids were sick. I am happy to report that Dougie, our doggie son, is back to his old self. He is eating well and seems to have most, if not all, of his energy back. That is good and bad, depending on how I am feeling that day. But I am very happy to see him getting back to his old self.  He had us extremely worried. Smokey, my furry son that is a kitty is also doing better. Before we got him to his doctor, he would sneeze a lot. And it seemed that usually it was when he climbed up on me when I was lying down just so he could sneeze right in my face.  The life of a parent, I know. But now, he is sneezing much less. Before there were times that he would have what Gina termed a sneezing fit. He would sneeze sometimes 10 times in a row and just a few minutes later, would do it again. Now, if he sneezes it will be one or two times and not nearly as violent as it was before. I can also listen to him purr and tell the difference.

But, both of these little guys are getting older. Dougie is 8 years old and will be 9 on February first..We have no idea how old Smokey is, but we estimate he is about 7. They say that a dog ages 7 years for every human year. In that case, Dougie is about 72 in human years so the old timer is holding up pretty well, at least better than his dad. Cats age differently. the chart I saw for cats aging puts Smokey right about 65 – 70.  So I guess we should expect problems to crop up from time to time.

Oh, I have been studying my families genealogy! I have always had an interest in history. And studying my families past really connects me. I feel like it connects me to my family, also. Even though I never met my great-great-great grandpa Robert. I have learned enough about him to make me feel connected to him. I know that sounds strange, but it is true. I have been doing this in total for about a year. I am already back to the mid 1800s. I am back farther that that in parts but I am not as confident in those connections just because documentation is so hit and miss that far back. For example, some states in the US did not even start requiring birth certificates until the late 1800s. So going back before that is relying on someone else’s research so you have to be careful. I will put someone in my family tree program but I will not add them as a member of my family unless I can verify the information with at least two sources, but I prefer three.

The past few days I have been feeling ok, I guess. Leg pain has been the order of the day lately. I don’t think I am having a flare, I just think it is me. As I have said many times, I am in pain every day, it is just a question of the degree.  But my pain has been up lately. Thankfully, today it has eased somewhat. I am actually having a pretty good day today so I can’t complain too much.

This is already pretty long so I am going to call it a day for now. I may be back later if I find something interesting to write about.

But until we meet again, stay happy, healthy, and safe.


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