Weather, weather, weather…

Picture of WeatherI am sure that I am not the only one that gets this…

But whenever there is a change in the barometric pressure it affects me. The pain level in my legs rises and I usually get a headache to accompany it. Let me explain.

When you have a nice sunny day, the barometric pressure is higher. That is why when your local weatherman says there is a high front moving in it will be nice and sunny. Conversely, when he says that a low front is moving in that is when the cloudy days – and maybe storms – start. While many MSers are sensitive to things like cold and heat judging by people I have talked to there doesn’t seem to be as many that are affected by the barometric pressure. Many of us used to be able to go out when it was 55 or 60 degrees without a jacket, now it seems that if it drops below 70 we are reaching for a parka. A little exaggeration there, but not a lot for some MSers. And we all know that if we get too hot it can cause a pseudo-exacerbation, just as getting too cold can.

Now, I am NOT saying that what I get with the weather is a pseudo-exacerbation but it does affect me as I stated before. I have looked everywhere and there are studies on every other aspect of Multiple Sclerosis. But I have not been able to find anything on this. I have seen a couple of posts on message boards about it but that is about it. My personal experiences, just as everyone else’s, are considered “anecdotal evidence.”

That does not mean that they are any less real or important. It just means that there have been no scientific studies to point to that show it exists. Just because there are no scientific studies does not mean it is not real. It just means that for whatever reason, usually money, it has not been studied. Either there are not enough people experiencing it or they just feel that there are more important things to spend money on such as finding a cure. While I will be the first to admit that finding a cure is the ultimate goal of every researcher, patient, caregiver, doctor, and nurse that works with Multiple Sclerosis, there are other areas outside of finding a cure that have been studied. I would really like to see something about this. Not only because it affects me, but because I know others that it also affects.

I guess I am just too inquisitive for my own good. If I have a question, I expect someone, somewhere to have an answer. But we all know that is not the case. There are many things that do not necessarily have a scientific answer and this appears to be another one. It really does suck though. Living in Florida, it seems that we are in a constant state of change as far as the weather goes. The old saying where I grew up in Daytona Beach was if you don’t like the weather wait five minutes. That may have been a slight exageration but not much of one. Maybe 30 minutes.

That is enough of my rambling on about that. With all of the work I have been putting into the site I have not had the time I would like to give to finding information about MS that I like to post about normally. But, my to-do list is dwindling down. I only have two or three more things there. So start looking for new articles to start coming out shortly. The plan at this moment is to get at least one up today. So I hope that everyone will keep a close eye out for the articles. I think I have a knack for reading somthing scholarly and turning it into something the average person can understand and I hope that everyone agrees with me.

Until next time, everyone stay safe and have a wonderful day!


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